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Booking is now open to international companies to participate in “The People’s Fair” with new products, technology, tourism, international cuisine, business services and more. Take this opportunity to showcase your company, to network and to show what’s available on the world markets. Representatives of the international diplomatic community are also welcome to participate with their national stands or cultural performances.

Stands at “The People’s Fair” are available free of charge. Stand availability is as follows:

  • Interior of centre: 3mt long x 4mt deep - 64 space units. These can be joined together if a larger space is needed, i.e. two spaces would produce a stand 6mt long and 4mt deep.
  • Exterior: 7 traditional houses, 6mt x 6mt (for national products only)
  • Exterior of centre, open on front, covered overhead. 30 space units, 6mt long by 2mt deep (suitable for restaurant stands).

Stands will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and can be booked by emailing Jenniva Lula Pereira at USAID Dezenvolve Setor Privadu Project:; or calling her on (+670) 729 1199. For more information, visit our website:

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Timor-Leste International Expo, Dili 27-31 of August 2008

The Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Industry is staging an International Expo, “The People’s Fair” to be held in Dili on August 27th-31st, 2008, to celebrate the anniversary of the Popular Consultation leading to Independence.

The aim of the expo is to show the Timorese public what products, services and technologies are available in different countries, with a view to stimulating trade relations. We believe that this occasion will offer Timorese entrepreneurs the opportunity to form joint ventures with foreign investors and to boost import and export activity between this country and the rest of the world. We would also like to introduce the Timorese public to other cultures in the spirit of friendship and cooperation.

“The People’s Fair” will be held at the Merkadu Lama expo centre, which is destined to become a permanent expo centre, where it is planned to hold regular special events of a similar nature. We would like to ask you to consider a making contribution towards funding for the expo centre renovations and the costs of staging the event, as well as participating in a number of different ways:

  • A country or company stand to exhibit international products, technologies and tourism
  • A cultural display or performance open to the East Timorese public
  • An opportunity to sample different national cuisines
  • A seminar to share business expertise with East Timorese entrepreneurs

Selected Timor-Leste national companies will also be participating with displays of local products, seeking buyers in the international market.